List of Common Keywords Found in Comment and Forum Spam was started because we could not find a good old fashioned list of words that you  an add into your spam filter for sites such as wordpress, vbulletin and others.  We know of plenty of services to combat spam like akismet and, but being able to have that added layer of protection by adding words into your spam filter or bad word list is nice.  With that said, we decided to put a list online that we will update as we learn of more keywords found in spam posts, comments and elsewhere on the net.

We host our list on GitHub.  To access the list, simply click this link and you will have access to a page where you can copy and paste the list of spam keywords.  Be sure to remove any words that may be associated with the content of your site to limit false flags.  The last major update to the list of spam keywords was on February 14, 2014



githubWe would like to thank GitHub for allowing us to host our list on their system.  GitHub provides powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects.